Breaking news: T antigen announces “I don’t need no activator E2Fs”

Over several decades of cancer research, T antigen, a.k.a MAMU, has proven itself to be a strong activator of cellular transformation. In a stunning finding revealed by Tushar Gupta and colleagues (in a recentĀ  Journal of Virology paper), SV40 T antigen declares that it does not need activator E2Fs to cause cellular transformation. T antigen said, “I have been telling you all along. I don’t need no activator E2Fs!”

Who you gonna call for antiviral defense?

Polyomavirus T antigens! Nicholas Giacobbi et al. show, in their new Virology paper, that T antigen from SV40 and two human polyomaviruses, BKV and JCV, have the ability to induce an antiviral state in mouse embryonic fibroblasts. Additionally, they show that the antiviral state requires STAT1 expression. Chalk up another activity for the MAMU!