Microarray data

  • Gustavo Leone lab
    • Liu et al. (Nat Cell Biol 2015)
      • Redeployment of Myc and E2f1-3 drives Rb-deficient cell cycles (GSE56009)
    • Chong et al. (Nature 2009)
      • E2f1-3 switch from activators in progenitor cells to repressors in differentiating cells (GSE16454)
  • Rathi et. al.
  • Cantalupo et al. Virology 2009
    • Global analysis of gene expression in Mouse villi enterocytes, MEF cells,  and REF52 cells expressing SV40 T antigens (GSE7906)
  • Cecchini et al. (Mol Cell Biol 2014)
    • A retinoblastoma allele that is mutated at its common E2F interaction site inhibits cell proliferation in gene targeted mice (GSE54924)