James M. Pipas, Professor, Herbert W. and Grace Boyer Chair in Molecular Biology
The fearless leader
Maria Teresa S√°enz Robles (Mayte)
Mayte is a Research Assistant Professor using polyoma viruses to understand induction of tumorigenesis in mouse models and cell culture systems. She joined the Pipas lab in 1997, but time flies when you are here.
Ping An
Ping is a research assistant professor trying to understand functional mechanisms of polyoma T antigens using biochemical approaches, with a focus on protein-protein interactions. She came to the lab in 2009.
Paul Cantalupo
Paul is a computational virologist who is hunting for novel viruses in high-throughput sequencing data from biomes around the world
Molly Johnson
Molly is an undergraduate researcher who is computationally identifying surfaces on the structures of proteins responsible for interacting with other proteins.
Ed Terrell
Ed is an undergraduate researcher who is studying how Polyomavirus proteins interact with cellular proteins.
Alex Chang
Alex is an undergraduate researcher who is computationally identifying novel viruses in metagenomes.
Kearsten Trunzo
Kearsten is an undergraduate lab aid who keeps everything running smoothly.

Past members

  • Chris Sullivan (Professor, Assistant University of Texas at Austin)
  • Shelley Cockrell
  • Nick Giacobbi
  • Tushar Gupta
  • Nicole Seneca
  • Josh Katz